Portland Haunted House

The season of Autumn is among the most beloved times of the year for a great number of reasons. For one, it is the time of the year where the color of the leaves begin to look more beautiful than they have all year, with their multi-colored shades such as orange and yellow and sometimes even purple. It is also a time where the temperature is pretty close to perfect, if not just a little chilly. That being said, it's a time for cardigans, scarves, and sweaters. Many people love this time of year because it is a great time for new fashion statements. However, one of the biggest reasons that Autumn is a beloved time of the year is because it is the beginning of the Holiday season, which is a time for families to get together and enjoy each others' company while getting into the giving and thanking spirit. And what better Holiday to get this theme going than the Halloween season? Nothing gets people closer together than a mutual terror, right? Halloween is all about people embracing their greatest fears and they do so by attending all sorts of different Halloween-themed attractions such as costume parties, horror movies in the local movie theatres, as well attractions like Haunted Hayrides. However, one of the most exciting attractions around Halloween time are Haunted Houses. Haunted Houses can come in a great variety of styles, settings, and scare factors.

Haunted Houses can take place in a great variety of settings such as warehouses, carnivals, forests, and of course, the classic house setting. The setting of the haunted house can change the entire style of the haunted house. You could have a Haunted Forest where zombies come out and act as if they're going to eat your brains, you could have a haunted freak show where the makeup of the artists make you believe they are terrifying feats of nature, an effective use of a warehouse can make you think you are in an abandoned psychiatric unit where the inmates have been left behind--however the classic haunted house, where the actors are dressed as ghouls, witches, and vampires are usually the most effective Haunted Houses.

The reason people like Haunted Houses so much are because they are so immersive--far more than any other Halloween-themed attraction. The hired actors that inhabit these haunted houses are one of the biggest reasons that Haunted Houses are so immersive. If it weren't for the actors, the Haunted Houses would simply be spooky atmospheres for people to walk through, but because of these actors, everyone must constantly stay on their toes. The actors provide a faux-sense of danger. So, even though you can be assured that the actors in haunted houses will never touch or harm you, you can be sure that they will do their best to scare you out of your wits by jumping out when you aren't expecting them, or coming at you with fake chainsaws.

A great way to experience as many Haunted Houses in one night as you can is by getting a large group of your friends together and renting a Party Bus! Party Buses are mobile parties that are built with state-of-the-art sound systems, multi-colored interior lights, and functioning coolers. You can keep any drinks that you wish on these buses because it is completely legal to drink on board of party buses. This way you can give yourself the liquid courage required to attend the next terrifying attraction!

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