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There are not many aspects in the process of planning of wedding that is as sweet on the taste buds as selecting your wedding cake, and choosing the right bakery to concoct that delectable confectionery wonder. Despite the fact that it is easy in a gustatory sense, it does come with its own set of details and factors to consider and deliberate over in a diligent manner. Fortunately for those looking for a great bakery in the great city of Portland, you are in luck, because there are many great establishments to choose from that specialize in wedding cakes! The following guide should prove to help you make this process easier for yourself.

You should first research the style of cake you would like to have. There are many different styles out there, you may find quite a few styles that you like, which is why you ought to save any pictures that interest you in order to later share them with each candidate so they can work off your preferences. You can archive these pictures by creating a wedding board on the Pinterest app, onto a USB hard drive, or you can print the pictures off and put them into a folder. It will also help to peruse the different types of cake frosting, the two more common types being buttercream and fondant. Often, you will find bakers employing both frosting types on cakes for to make a good balance of aesthetic smoothness (fondant) and tasty goodness (buttercream).

Now that you have an idea of what cake styles and frostings you may want to use for your cake, you can start searching for candidates based on the recommendations of your friends, family, and colleagues, in particular, anyone who has been married recently, or has been involved in a wedding to some extent. You should ask the venue coordinator of the reception hall you have reserved for their recommendations for bakeries, they may even produce a list of wedding vendors in which they may suggest you gather from, or in some cases, they have have exclusive vendors in which they require you to take your picks from. Cross reference your candidates online via wedding directories or guide websites as these sources will provide users general information on wedding vendors including details on pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, videos, and more! You will want to call each bakery up that interests you, and ask them of their availability around the date of your wedding. If they are not too busy around the date, then you should schedule an appointment with the head baker or cake designer.

Once you have all your appointments set, you will want to prepare plenty of questions for each candidate and you ought to share your specific vision with them. You should peruse their shop, and determine if the crucial qualities of a successful business are up to your expectations. For instance, the shop should be organized and presented in a way that is up to your standards, and most importantly, the health standards of the government. Some of the questions you will want to ask them pertain to their depth of experience, how many wedding cakes they produce on a yearly average, and coordination logistics. The candidate should be cordial, receptive, and should be dedicated to producing suggestions that meet or come close to your vision within reason. It is important to sample their cakes to see if they meet your taste expectations. The last thing you will want to do before the end of each interview is ask for a sample invoice to determine what the costs will be and what you will be charged for. This way you can do an easy side-by-side comparison of each bakery's services, and see which one will provide you the most deliciousness for your dollar.

Take some time to deliberate on the potential bakeries with your loved ones, and remember to trust your instincts. Through the process of interviewing the candidates, and sampling their wares, the answer should come to you naturally, just try not to over-think it. Do what is best for your budget. Once you are decided on a particular candidate, sign a contract, and place a deposit to render services. If you have been diligent, you will be supplied with a cake that you will want to hog all to yourself on the night of your wedding!

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