Portland Bachelorette Party

If you have recently been chosen as the maid of honor for an upcoming wedding then you should be very proud of yourself. You are certainly an incredible person with a lot of fantastic traits. You are clearly a very organized person and you are someone that the bride to be trusts more than just about anyone else. This is truly fantastic and you should know that there are a lot of responsibilities that come with being the maid of honor. You are the first line of defense when it comes to the bride to be's stress level. And you can mark our word when we say that you will certainly have a lot of problems to tackle when it comes to this. The bride to be will have so much to think about during the wedding planning process such as figuring out the guest list, planning what she is going to wear, what DJ or band to hire for the musical entertainment during the reception, and so much more, right down to the color palate of the wedding. It is your job to not only accompany her to as many meetings and fittings as possible in order to keep her stress levels down, but you should also take her out on the weekends and during the afternoons for coffee in order to make sure that she is staying loosey goosey. Like we said, you are the first line of defense. It is up to you in order to make sure that disaster does not ensue during the wedding planning process. A huge aspect of making sure that the bride to be has a great time during the wedding planning process is to plan a perfect bachelorette party.

The bachelorette party is one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning process. It is a time when the bride to be can really let her hair down and truly go all out, having a truly spectacular time of her life. It is a time for her to go all of the way and forget about all of the stresses of the wedding planning process. This should truly be one of the most exciting and fun filled nights of her life. In order to do this, you must be prepared and organized. You must go into real party planning mode. The first thing you need to consider is to figure out what venues you plan on using for the bachelorette party.

You should have a fantastic mix of venues for this event, from clubs to bars to lounges to spas to even bowling alleys and mini golf, depending on the personality and the interests of the bride to be. The itinerary should be well balanced and always amping up the fun. However, it's no secret that planning a party with the use of multiple venues can be a pretty difficult thing to do, especially when you have a great amount of guests who are progressively getting more and more intoxicated. This can arise many issues. The least of which being weaving in and out of busy weekend traffic and vying for parking, but also you have to worry about assigning a fleet's worth of designated drivers. Trust us when we say that finding just one designated driver for a bachelorette party can be hard enough, but finding enough to transport a whole party can be borderline impossible. It's easy to understand why. Where is the fun in being the designated driver at a bachelorette party? This is where renting a luxury vehicle such as a limousine or a party bus is really the best option.

By renting a luxury vehicle, you not only ensure that you will be arriving to each venue in a timely manner and in style, but you and your party will also be enjoying the fantastic features and amenities inherent in these vehicles such as exotic color changing interior LED lights, concert quality speaker systems, hardwood floors that are great for dancing, and granite topped bar areas with glass service and cold storage that will be sure to keep cold whatever drinks you might have on the bus. It is also worth mentioning that it is completely legal to consume alcohol on board of a luxury vehicle, so the party can really keep going all night long!

Planning a bachelorette party has a lot of facets to it, but it is extremely rewarding, and one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning process. The look on the bride to be's face when she sees that luxury vehicle rolling up will really make it all worth it, and hopefully after the most fun night of her life, she will be able to look forward toward the wedding with no stress at all!

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